Consuming Passions: Facts

Key Facts relating to Alan Ayckbourn's Consuming Passions
  • Consuming Passions is Alan Ayckbourn's 80th play.
  • It is the only Ayckbourn play to have two named parts / acts; Premonitions & Repercussions. The two parts are considered as a single piece though. As such, in structure, it is best compared to The Revengers' Comedies with tis two parts which must both be seen and in order to make sense as opposed to a duology (such as House & Garden) or two one act plays connected by an over-arching title (such as Farcicals).
  • The world premiere of Consuming Passions took place in The McCarthy at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough, on 12 August 2016.
  • However, the two parts were individually premiered first in The Bistro at the SJT on 5 August (Premonitions) and 6 August (Repercussions) 2016.
  • It is the one of the few Ayckbourn plays whose original production was produced in two venues. When the parts are performed separately, they were performed during lunchtimes in The Bistro at the SJT with the 'complete' play performed in the end-stage The McCarthy at the SJT; other plays whose original production played in different venues include Confusions and Farcicals.
  • It is described by the playwright as "Hitchcock meets The Twilight Zone".
  • The first part / act is set in the Clapham-based Ristorante Calvinu and features the waiters, Aggi and Dinka. Ayckbourn fans will recognise the waiters from Time Of My Life where they worked for restauranteur Calvinu in the northern restaurant, Essa de Calvi.
  • It is the shortest of Alan Ayckbourn's full-length plays running at just 1 hour and twenty minutes including an interval.
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